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Yes they are. Our cotton canvas bags are made with raw,100% natural cotton. No additives, softeners, sprays or detergent have ever been used on the materials or finished products.

We actually recommend not to wash the bags in a regular washer or even hand wash the bags. We prefer that you buff or clean them with a wet soapy cloth when dirty and let dry. This prevents shrinkage, as they are all natural, unwashed and untreated cotton goods.

Just like any cotton item, the cotton tote will shrink, as it hasn’t been pre-washed for this purpose. It would be a pre-wash if you did.
With the proper care, and not much abuse, the bag will last for years! Hard to determine, but you may pass it onto your children!
Because we consider plastic and other bags, the worst pollutant of the modern time. By having earth saver bags handy each time you shop ( like in the trunk of your car or back of motorcycle ), we are saving the planet where we live one bag at a time!
We believe everyone cares for the environment; some more, some less but everyone is already aware of the harms of hydrocarbon based products, and we need to reduce that. Many times when we shop we are greeted with a “congratulations for helping” phrase at the teller. And sometimes they feel they accomplished a goal when they see you with reusable shopping bags. There is a sense of guilt among the tellers that have to give clients plastic bags.
Yes and Yes. Our factory in India uses responsible processes from the raw material utilization to their printing and composition of their own labor force. No children.
Yes. We are part of Green America since day one. Green America promotes companies of the Green Movement and endorses members that stand out for conducting ethical processes like us.


We do. We prefer using vegetable inks as they are better for the environment and many times the colors are better and even brighter with these inks.


Ask a question – we’ll add it here.


Ask a question – we’ll add it here.